The Week That Was #4 – June 11

I read and watch a lot each week. This exercise has helped me to think about what I’m consuming and how it plays into other areas. I find myself using my Feedly more and saving more content on Facebook to get to when I have time. These are good things. I wish Twitter had a save function or an archive like Instagram has rolled out. But I digress – An older

The Week That Was #3- June 4

As I’ve said before, I’m a big fan of 360 and VR. I’m eagerly awaiting my Beoncam 360 camera/watch. Just got the notification they’ll be shipping soon! But this camera really shows that we need a better definition of the 360/immersive/VR/AR/MR space. This camera shoots 360 on one plane. Usually, when talking 360 cameras we mean a spherical image with the viewer at the center. Maybe I’ll write more on this

The Week That Was #2- May 28

Ok, so I missed a week. This is a bit harder than I thought! Here are last weeks gems- It’s the summer and I get to travel more, which means trying to find cheap flights. If you’re not using the Google flight tracker, you’re missing out. Updates when your travel dates go up and down in price so you can buy low. Also, interesting way to watch and see how

The Week That Was #1- May 19

Going to try to share cool stuff I come across weekly. Hope you enjoy! Went to the Applied Video Technology Digital Media Fair in Valley Forge/Philidelphia area. I found this smaller, intimate setting better than the bigger ones like NAB. Not to knock NAB, but this was easier to navigate. Found out that JVC has jumped head first into the live streaming game with two new cameras. The handheld GV