Mandy Pennington Presenting on SEO

You’re a Wizard, Mandy!

Last week I got a chance to catch up with the NEPA Tech folks at their latest (#17!) Meet-Up and had a blast. Even better, I got to hear the amazing Mandy Pennington share some great SEO secrets. The group provided some lively discussion on the topics and brought up a lot of issues in their corner of the internet. While a lot of what Mandy presented were things I’d heard

Facebook and Beast Mode

Marshawn Lynch is his own Man, lives life on his own terms, and owns his actions. This makes him someone I’ve enjoyed watching even more off the field than on. I’ve decided to not engage with the NFL this season because I personally feel there was collusion in keeping Kaepernick out of the league. I am still in two fantasy leagues, but that was more out of the back and

Galaxy Note8 – First Week’s Thoughts

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 came out today. I don’t feel sad that I pre-ordered the Note8 before waiting to see what Apple had to offer. That’s all I’ll say about the iPhone for now. The Note 8 is big. I have big hands and I think it’s big, that says something. While it’s the same height as my Note5, there is almost an inch more screen real estate. You

The Week That Was #2- May 28

Ok, so I missed a week. This is a bit harder than I thought! Here are last weeks gems- It’s the summer and I get to travel more, which means trying to find cheap flights. If you’re not using the Google flight tracker, you’re missing out. Updates when your travel dates go up and down in price so you can buy low. Also, interesting way to watch and see how

Live Streaming Platforms

An interesting look at where live streaming is being consumed. Facebook makes sense as the leader. More people use Facebook than YouTube. And by that, I mean we consume a lot on YouTube, most of its traffic is viewing videos, not creating. I think that most companies and influencers have a big enough audience that they can stream anywhere and their followers will…follow. For the average person, though, their Facebook