Response to “It’s Ancient History, Get Over it”

When you see Black folks getting upset about blackface, racist comments, police brutality, and the overall unchanging disrespect of Black people in America, we’re not angry about slavery or building the country for free or the systematic abuse and torture of our ancestors. That’s just a small part of it. We’re angrier because it’s still happening. These women, Mary Hudson-kimbrough, Kim Patterson, Joanne Bland, and Lynda Lowery aren’t my ancestors. They’re my mother and aunts.

ocean's 8 movie poster

Ocean’s 8 – Podcast

Ocean’s 8 The latest podcast looked at the newest entry into to Ocean’s 8. The film could have been great and that showed what we’ve learned about how we portray and cast women. Instead, it missed the mark and almost the point of casting such high caliber actresses. It stands as a good heist/caper flick and you should definitely go see it. I just wish they’d done more with the characters they

Journalism During Crisis

A tornado hit Northeastern Pennsylvania pretty hard last night. As a former news photographer/photojournalist, my inkling when I see disasters is to run in and get footage. Last night I didn’t. Not out of fear, I’m from the midwest and know tornados well. I’m not tied to a news outlet or working on a story, so the was no need to be there. I figured there would be enough journalist

Podcast – Deadpool 2

I had a chance to get back behind the mic for a few episodes of the Even More Mashed-Up podcast. The podcast started as a radio show about 4 years ago as an outlet for Misericordia professors Allan Austin and Patrick Hamilton to take deep dives into pop culture in an entertaining format (not that their classes aren’t entertaining). When the podcast first began, I had a chance to sit-in on

Black Thought Reminds Us What Hip-Hop Is

“I am a walking affirmation that imagination and focus and patience will get you closer to your aspirations.“ –Black Thought I really need to do a post of some of the greatest lines in hip-hop. It’ll be a syllabus for the hip-hopically challenged. This would be near the top. Hell, this freestyle has more than enough for a few weeks of study. I’d also throw in – “I’m not a

Facebook and Beast Mode

Marshawn Lynch is his own Man, lives life on his own terms, and owns his actions. This makes him someone I’ve enjoyed watching even more off the field than on. I’ve decided to not engage with the NFL this season because I personally feel there was collusion in keeping Kaepernick out of the league. I am still in two fantasy leagues, but that was more out of the back and

We Are Not a Trend – Stop “Columbusing” Food

Every year there’s a new food trend or find. And every year we have to remind people that you can’t find something that already exists. And reducing a deeply spiritual food culture to its trend potential or its nutritive value is another example of a phenomenon called “Columbusing” — the practice among white people of acting as if something created by people of color didn’t exist until they took note of it,