Response to “It’s Ancient History, Get Over it”

When you see Black folks getting upset about blackface, racist comments, police brutality, and the overall unchanging disrespect of Black people in America, we’re not angry about slavery or building the country for free or the systematic abuse and torture of our ancestors. That’s just a small part of it. We’re angrier because it’s still happening. These women, Mary Hudson-kimbrough, Kim Patterson, Joanne Bland, and Lynda Lowery aren’t my ancestors. They’re my mother and aunts.

So, I Quit My Job

So, I did it. I quit my job. As a professor of all things. I know most people think being a professor is an easy cushy thing, and it can be if you allow it. My problem was, I wanted to do more, all the time. I wanted to be a part of the best media and design program in the region, which meant doing a lot of “extra” or

Clouds and Dirt

“…you need a healthy dose of those extremes: the clouds—the high-end philosophy of what you believe—and the dirt—the low-down subject matter expertise that allows you to execute against it. Forget about everything else.” –Gary Vaynerchuk 102/365

ocean's 8 movie poster

Ocean’s 8 – Podcast

Ocean’s 8 The latest podcast looked at the newest entry into to Ocean’s 8. The film could have been great and that showed what we’ve learned about how we portray and cast women. Instead, it missed the mark and almost the point of casting such high caliber actresses. It stands as a good heist/caper flick and you should definitely go see it. I just wish they’d done more with the characters they

Journalism During Crisis

A tornado hit Northeastern Pennsylvania pretty hard last night. As a former news photographer/photojournalist, my inkling when I see disasters is to run in and get footage. Last night I didn’t. Not out of fear, I’m from the midwest and know tornados well. I’m not tied to a news outlet or working on a story, so the was no need to be there. I figured there would be enough journalist

Mandy Pennington Presenting on SEO

You’re a Wizard, Mandy!

Last week I got a chance to catch up with the NEPA Tech folks at their latest (#17!) Meet-Up and had a blast. Even better, I got to hear the amazing Mandy Pennington share some great SEO secrets. The group provided some lively discussion on the topics and brought up a lot of issues in their corner of the internet. While a lot of what Mandy presented were things I’d heard

Eagles Mere

Had a great time shooting in Eagles Mere, PA yesterday. Gorgeous little community tucked away in Central Pennsylvania. Also learned the hard lesson of triple checking your equipment bag. Finding an SD card in the middle of nowhere can be a bit tricky!