ocean's 8 movie poster

Ocean’s 8 – Podcast

Ocean’s 8 The latest podcast looked at the newest entry into to Ocean’s 8. The film could have been great and that showed what we’ve learned about how we portray and cast women. Instead, it missed the mark and almost the point of casting such high caliber actresses. It stands as a good heist/caper flick and you should definitely go see it. I just wish they’d done more with the characters they

Journalism During Crisis

A tornado hit Northeastern Pennsylvania pretty hard last night. As a former news photographer/photojournalist, my inkling when I see disasters is to run in and get footage. Last night I didn’t. Not out of fear, I’m from the midwest and know tornados well. I’m not tied to a news outlet or working on a story, so the was no need to be there. I figured there would be enough journalist

Mandy Pennington Presenting on SEO

You’re a Wizard, Mandy!

Last week I got a chance to catch up with the NEPA Tech folks at their latest (#17!) Meet-Up and had a blast. Even better, I got to hear the amazing Mandy Pennington share some great SEO secrets. The group provided some lively discussion on the topics and brought up a lot of issues in their corner of the internet. While a lot of what Mandy presented were things I’d heard