Facebook and Beast Mode

Marshawn Lynch is his own Man, lives life on his own terms, and owns his actions. This makes him someone I’ve enjoyed watching even more off the field than on. I’ve decided to not engage with the NFL this season because I personally feel there was collusion in keeping Kaepernick out of the league. I am still in two fantasy leagues, but that was more out of the back and

We Are Not a Trend – Stop “Columbusing” Food

Every year there’s a new food trend or find. And every year we have to remind people that you can’t find something that already exists. And reducing a deeply spiritual food culture to its trend potential or its nutritive value is another example of a phenomenon called “Columbusing” — the practice among white people of acting as if something created by people of color didn’t exist until they took note of it,

A True Agent of Change, One Plate at a Time

To say that I love Anthony Bourdain is an understatement. “Cooks Tour” and “No Reservations” were my everything in early 2000’s. It was on those shows I first heard of Chef José Andrés. Since those episodes, I’ve followed his career and added his restaurants to a list places to eat before I die. What he’s doing in Puerto Rico, amidst the red tape, confusion, disaster, and loss amazes me. He has

Getting Culture Right – Coco

If you haven’t seen ‘Coco’, I implore you to do so. Not just because it’s one of the best movies (animated or live-action) to come out this year. I want you to see it because money talks and Disney/Pixar should be rewarded for doing what it takes to get “culture” right. There were missteps along the way, but when telling the stories of another culture, it’s bound to happen. For